Customizable boards for easy collecting your user’s feedback

Know what your users really think about your product and build what they want

Why the feedback board?

1. Users appreciate when businesses care

Feedback board is a great way to gather requirements because when users see your live reply it's worth much more than bullshit like "Thanks for your opinion, your call is very important for us".

2. You will able to understand how to improve your product

Votes and views number will show you clear what exactly your product lacks to be great. Feedbacks and comments will show you why.

3. As a result, churn decreases and revenue grows

When you implement what your users really want, there is no need for them to leave your product if you find a proper balance between price and value.

... and even more:

4. People feel better among peers

Users feel much more comfortable and confident being among their peers that can support and help them. They can express themselves better and give you the insights you would never get in any other way.

5. The direct communication

The board is a great wat to communicate with your users. Commenting and supporting will help you to be much closer to them, which can improve their trust in your product.

6. A clear plan instead of guesses

If you have the prioritized list of requirements taken from your users directly, there is no room for guesses because you have the real plan to act.

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